Working through the lockdown

Working through the lockdown

Despite the lockdown, we continue to operate effectively.

We take it in turns to go into the office.  We are able to do all our work remotely, as we have cloud-based software which means we have access to all our files from wherever we are.  However, we all find that its great to go into the office from time to time – we can see physical files, print and post things with ease, etc. Also the familiarity of being in the office, and getting away from our families can be welcome.

We were worried that the third parties we rely on, such as banks, HMRC and the probate registry would stop functioning, so our probate cases would grind to a standstill.  So far, thank goodness that hasn’t happened, though response times have slowed down.

The next phase will be interesting – gradually re-acclimatisation to work as normal. Or perhaps we won’t return to normal, and working from home will become the new norm.