Wills for ex-Pats

How to get a UK Will

There are many ex-Pats (expatriates) living temporarily outside the UK whose estates will be governed by UK law when they die. They should all make a UK Will.

For many it seems too difficult to make a UK Will. They could instruct a UK lawyer locally but British lawyers abroad tend to specialise in Corporate Law, not personal matters like Will writing. They may also be very expensive.

They could instruct a UK lawyer on a trip back to the UK, but that may be a poor use of precious time.

The answer is very simple: contact Purely Probate. Our preferred method of taking instructions is by video call such as Skype. We will need to speak to everyone whose Will we are preparing (e.g. a husband and a wife).

For help and advice with Wills for ex-Pats at an agreed fixed fee, contact info@purelyprobate.co.uk