Updating Wills During Coronavirus Crisis

Clients of all ages are now concerned about the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on their lives, Unsurprisingly their attention turns to the contents of their Wills.

As solicitors we often hear them say “we always had intended to update our Wills – but is it too late or even possible to do this now that we are self-isolating and unable to leave our home”?
At Purely Probate we are taking instructions for Wills by telephone and email and can draft your Will according to your wishes and send it back to you by post.
It is still an essential part of making a Will that it is signed in the presence of two independent witnesses. Many of our clients have asked friends or neighbours to witness their Wills outside, and at a minimum distance of 2m. The witnesses must be “in line of sight”.
There is talk about loosening the requirement for 2 witnesses during the Coronavirus crisis, but it has not happened yet.
Please bear in mind that beneficiaries and their spouses must not act as witnesses, as this would stop them from inheriting under the provisions of the Will.
Please contact us or phone 01458 850146.
If there is no answer, leave a message and one of us will get back to you. We are getting used to taking instructions for Wills and other matters by phone, email and video. As always, you are welcome to ring for an initial chat, with no obligation to do any more.