The Guardian article on Wills

There was an excellent article in Saturday’s Guardian about the strange Wills people make.

Our last Will may give others an insight into our characters and what mattered to us in life as well as in death, but equally it is startling the number of people who have yet to make these final wishes. Over a third of the population have failed to make provisions for their loved ones by writing or updating an existing Will. There are countless cases of people passing away intestate where those who mattered to them in life and who should have inherited have missed out.

It is also worth noting that whilst many may make a Will, should they marry or divorce the Will needs altering, otherwise the same problem is faced.

As alarming as thinking about death may be, rationally we should all make provisions for the inevitable, as the adage states ‘there are only 2 certain things in life; death and taxes’.  We consult HMRC whenever something changes so why not consult someone on our Wills? Quite frankly we are crazy if we don’t! If we haven’t changed your mind have a read: