What our clients say about Purely Probate Solicitors

Purely Probate are my go-to if I need a Grant of Probate in England or Wales; excellent, clear communication; friendly and efficient. They are a pleasure to deal with.

Jenny, Co Cork

Thank you for your excellent service. For something that has a whiff of morbidity and mortality, you made it a pleasant experience.


Thank you again for all your help and for making it as painless as possible to sort out Colin’s UK affairs.
You really did go above and beyond at a time my brain wasn’t functioning at its best.

Lizzy, Australia

It is a fabulous experience for me to work with people like you. Our joint efforts will definitely bring happiness to the lives of people like Parveen.

Syed Ahmed

We are both so grateful for all the work done by you and your team – it has been far from straightforward and we would like to express our sincere thanks for everything that has been done. It seems to have been a mammoth undertaking and so complicated. Very many thanks.

Simon, London

I always felt as if I was talking to friends with all your lovely team: everyone was so understanding and kind, as well as providing superb legal advice on what was a complicated case. I very much enjoyed visiting your gorgeous offices too, where I was made to feel so welcome. Indeed, Purely Probate made a painful process a pleasant one! Thank you so much again.

Keren, Somerset
May I take this opportunity to thank Linda and Leonie for the very professional manner in which this matter has been dealt with.

Roger, Taunton

Beth did a terrific job. I’d love others to know the quality of her work and the relief and reassurance this brings to clients. For now, please know how much I appreciate the clarity you’ve brought to probate issues that have been worrying me enormously for many months.

Rosy, London
We were very satisfied with the information and advice from Purely Probate. We were able to give all instructions over the phone and the whole process was very clear, transparent and dealt with in a very professional and prompt manner.

Michael and Sue, West Sussex

Purely Probate has just prepared our Wills.  This was a very good experience.  Judith Derbyshire was very professional, detailed, and organised; as well as making it a pain-free and compassionate exercise.  She was sensitive to our family situation, and how we need to take account of the varying needs of our beneficiaries. She had many helpful suggestions and alternative scenarios to help us to work out what arrangements we want to make.  We now feel confident that our Wills are properly organised, and that on our deaths the probate will be as easy as possible for our family.

J and P

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you and Beth in helping us sort out Nan’s estate. Beth was great – really responsive, took the time to help Mum figure out the process and efficient in getting things done – all topped off with a really friendly approach.

Becky, Devon

When I compare our experience with you with the Brighton firm of solicitors who dealt with my late father’s Estate, it is like chalk and cheese!  They repeatedly lost documents, repeated email queries (and double-charged us for re-sending the same information), advised us poorly and were VERY expensive!!  It has been such a relief this time for everything to be so straightforward; to have matters explained so clearly, to be given the option of having one Executor dealing with everything, for email queries to be dealt with so promptly, etc.  It really has been an eye-opener that this was how things should and could be managed.

Can I thank you and your team for a highly efficient and courteous service, with great attention to detail?  I would be delighted to recommend your services.  On behalf of my sisters and cousin, our sincerest thanks.

Raquel, Butleigh

I can’t speak highly enough of the service I received from Purely Probate team.

I wanted to thank you and your team, particularly Leonie, who has demonstrated supreme professionalism in the management of my brother’s Grant of Probate.  Not forgetting Pippa, who has been equally hardworking and determined.

All parties worked closely together and kept up a constant flow of communication.  I’m sure this helped to bring about a relatively quick and satisfactory conclusion, bearing in mind the current circumstances.

Dee, Bruton

Thank you so much Judith for the Will and LPAs. You have made it so clear and easy and the After I’ve Gone booklet is really useful. A really simple but effective way of communicating my wishes.

Sarah, Ditcheat

Thanks for the work you did for me, having a will is a weight off the shoulders! All the best for the future.

Stephen, Indonesia

You have been very patient and understanding, having to repeat things for me. I was right in my gut feeling about contacting you, not many people can say it has actually been pleasurable writing a will, but it has and with a minimum of hassle. It is a huge relief knowing that it is been done correctly. It has truly been a delight working with you, and I am very grateful.

Xenia, Bruton

We appointed Purely Probate to apply for the grant of probate for the estate of my parents. There were a couple of issues which had to be resolved and these were dealt with in a pragmatic and sensible manner. Beth and Judith were able to explain  complex issues in a straightforward way. The whole process proceeded efficiently and we were delighted with the service

Paul, East Pennard

Many thanks for all the extensive work, administration and advice that you and the whole team at Purely Probate have done on our behalf over the last 18 months. It has been a great reassurance to feel and actually know that all matters related were being dealt with in an efficient, friendly and sympathetic way that has taken much of the stress from our shoulders. Once again many thanks to you all.

Tim, Somerset

You have been so kind and patient.

Kate, Leominster

Thank you so much for producing our wills so promptly, we are both very grateful.  Please also thank your staff.

Pat and Piers, Wincanton

Thank you very much and please thank everyone else in your team for all your hard work.

Ellie, North Somerset

Have to say it is really lovely for me to speak with someone I can trust and truly has “no conflict of interest” in this case. The clarity and “openness” of your documentation is also really impressive and refreshing.

Dianne, Chilton Polden

Thank you for your help and support. It goes without saying that we will be recommending you to friends and family.

Mr L, Somerset

Thanks for the smooth pain free service.

Paul, Somerset

Thanks for seeing us last week and for sorting out our wills so quickly and efficiently. We think your ‘After I have gone’ booklet is excellent.

Mike and Anita, Wiltshire

I was incredibly impressed with the speed and efficiency.

Judith, Oxford

I would like to thank Annette and the team for taking on what would have been a very complicated task for me, at a very sad time and making it a clear and concise process to follow. You really have done a superb job.

Joy, Berkshire

Thank you for your help and assistance in this process, it is much appreciated.

Mike, Tadley

We would certainly recommend you highly to our friends, you have been very professional, kind & thorough. Like I said in one of my emails, you seem like a lovely friend. Thank you again for all your help.

Christine, Gillingham

Thank you for dealing with David’s estate and all you have done towards making things easier for me. It has always been really nice to see you at your lovely offices in West Bradley and you have been very kind.

Anthea, Somerset

Thank you Judith for your wonderful prompt reply. So good having sound, straight forward advice.

Caroline, Somerset

Thank you for the time that you and your colleagues gave us on Monday, you made us most welcome and put us at our ease.

Mike and Sue, Hampshire

I would like to take the time to thank you for your keen and professional way of handling this estate for us. I would highly recommend Purely Probate to anyone that may need estate assistance. It’s been very nice working with you, thank you again.

Sally, USA

The lack of any “legalese jargon” and the use of plain English in our meetings and correspondence has been immensely welcome and refreshing as well as the speed and efficiency with which everything has been executed. Thanks so much, Judith. It has been a total pleasure working with you and Beth, of course!

Annemarie, Exeter

Thanks for your friendly and professional approach in dealing with this matter, and also your clear and speedy communication.

Brian, Glastonbury

Do take care, will miss all communications when this is all sorted, you feel like a friend.

Christine, Dorset

Thank Judith and Beth for guiding us through the LPA process, and for preparing our Wills – both have been on our pending list for longer than they should have been and it’s a relief to have it all sorted.

Susie, London

Many thanks for all your excellent advice!

Lucy, London

You made a difficult process feel easy to manage. We are very grateful for all your hard work and the kindness you have shown us.

Melinda, Sean and Gaye, Somerset

Thanks for the friendly personal service – you always had the gift for translating complex legal jargon into something even I could understand.

John, Bath

Probate Angels! Thank you.

Ann, Glastonbury

Many thanks for all your help, and your understanding of our situation.

Jane, Somerset

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help.  You have made dealing with all these issues / formalities at this difficult time far more tolerable than it would otherwise be.

Lynn, Blagdon, Somerset

I trust Judith & her staff totally, and have no doubt they provide a top quality service at a totally fair price, and this trust and quality of service is what matters most to me. They gave clear advice without “Jargon”, and clear explanations. They had patience and efficiently dealt with all matters as required, and in an expedient manner.

Steve, Frome

I recommend the professionalism and friendliness of Judith Derbyshire

Chloe, London

My heartfelt thanks to you, for all the effort you have made.

Ruth, Somerset

I have put a letter of recommendation about your services in a recent copy of the Union Jack, which is a monthly paper for British ex pats living in the States.  Their readers often have elderly parents or relatives still living in England who are in need of probate services in England.
I gave you a rave review of course!

Janice, USA

We recently asked Judith Derbyshire to help us to re-draft our Wills. Her service and advice were highly professional from start to finish. She is extremely knowledgeable as well as highly pragmatic. She is also approachable and flexible– having produced a near final version we had second thoughts about one clause and sought her advice; she gave wise counsel and was patient with us when we needed time to re-consider some sensitive matters, all of which she handled with great diplomacy. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and her company – other staff I have dealt with at Purely Probate have also been helpful and prompt in their response. This company is a great find!

Jenny, Somerset

I have no hesitation in recommending Purely Probate to anyone as you really are the solicitors with heart serving clients you value.

Angela, Somerset

Many thanks Judith for dealing with this and all the probate matters so efficiently. We will definitely be recommending your services.

Clive, Somerset

We would not hesitate to recommend Purely Probate to anyone who is looking for a high degree of professionalism coupled with real human warmth and empathy.

Graeme, Somerset

Thank you for the helpful conversation – very good and unusual these days to come away with legal matters considerably simplified!

Jennifer, West Bradley

I just wanted to write and thank you for your excellent service with probating my father’s estate. I was very pleased with your reasonable fees and the way you kept me well informed throughout the process, answering my questions clearly and promptly. It was truly a pleasure to have you represent my family. I will certainly recommend your firm to others who need to go through the probate process.

David, USA

A big thank you to Judith Derbyshire, who has managed to help me, and Derek my husband, with the rewriting of our extremely convoluted (and out of date!) wills.  The journey has been long, but very interesting, and well worth it.   If you have not done so already, please make your will now.  Thank you again Judith for an amazing job.

Helen and Derek, Wincanton

Thank you for your proficient and professional service in finalising the probate for my late father.  I will have no hesitation in recommending your service to others

Vic, Purley

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your service, you guys are brilliant, I have recommended you to anyone I’ve spoken to, in a similar situation.

Andy, Bristol

Judith, thank you for the work you have done for us regarding mother’s estate, our wills and our PoAs.  We have all been most impressed with the team at Purely Probate and have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends!

Anthea, Meare

Thank you so much for the details from Purely Probate. It was interesting for me to see everything laid out so well.

– What an inspired choice Purely Probate turned out to be. I for one did not know of the existence of such professional services provided at such reasonable costs.

Mike, USA

Many thanks to you for your help yesterday, we both found it very valuable.

David, Long Sutton

Thank you very much for all your hard work on this. And please pass on my special thanks to Judith, you have been fantastic.

I will be highly recommending Purely Probate to others!

Bruce, London

I was most grateful for your excellent service

Jeremy, Australia

Although this matter proved to be a relatively simple one, I am aware that David was greatly relieved to know that it was being handled by an efficient yet sympathetic organisation.  It was a great help for him at this difficult time to be able to leave the matter in your hands.

Mike, Taunton

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help in removing the trust band from my father’s will. It has given my sister and I great peace of mind to know that everything has been completed correctly. I hope it will be a long time before I need to contact you both again for the original documents.

Pauline, Buckinghamshire

You have been absolutely fantastic with everything

Kris, Bournemouth

I would like to thank you for all your assistance in my affairs after my husband’s demise.  It has been a very difficult time and your patience is appreciated.

Rosalie, Folkestone

At a time of some stress, what a relief it was to find this specialist company who are true experts and handled the Probate and related property matters so efficiently and were always available and easy to communicate with. In contrast with my previous two experiences as an executor, Purely Probate not only have a straightforward, transparent and clear fee structure, but were also much better value for money and they took less than half the time!!’

Clive, Langport

I forgot to say to you when speaking on the phone that I think that the booklet from Purely Probate about things to do in anticipation of one’s demise is very useful. I shall work on it.


Thank you so much for all of the hard work that you’ve put in on my behalf and for being such a pleasure to deal with. I’m sorry that this has been such a complicated matter.

Marilyn, Ramsgate

Thank you for the wonderful work you have done for us – we are very grateful

It is without doubt your kindness and sympathetic approach that made me think of contacting you for help in this matter.


Many thanks for all your help and care – I dread to think of the difficulties which might have been had we not had the good fortune to read all about Purely Probate in the Clarks Pensioners booklet – you “ticked all the boxes” and having our affairs sorted and put in order lifted a huge worry from my shoulders.  Whenever I get the chance I sing your praises.

Mary, Kendal

Thank you very much for completing probate so quickly and efficiently.

Margaret Payne

We would like to thank you both for all your help and great service. You made a very difficult time very easy for us.

Trish, Sally and Sarah, Street

It was great to meet both you on Tuesday. It was immediately obvious that you collectively grasped our situation and responded with clarity.  I am really hopeful that we can proceed and get these issues sorted. Thank you.

Sandra, Ilminster
So much to do and sort out, paper work a lot over my head, yes, out of my depth.  But with your help, understanding, you guided me, stage by stage.  Any problems you were there, with the facts. Always so professional yet so approachable.  I appreciated so much, all the help I had from you.

Shelia, Charlton Mackrell

I thank you for the work undertaken to date and would have no hesitation in recommending Purely Probate to any potential clients.

Stuart, Australia
It was reassuring to be guided calmly through the legal minefield of Wills and Probate without over-mystifying the whole process, as I have experienced elsewhere. Everything seemed much simpler and matters were dealt with promptly and efficiently and I have had no hesitation in recommending them to others. Best wishes and thanks again.

Jenny, Pilton

Whether its wills or probate , the essential requirement when dealing with either is trust ; knowing that you are working with people who understand your needs and circumstances and who can deliver pragmatic and simple solutions. Purely probate offers just that, a personal and friendly service that recognises you as an individual and delivers straight forward answers to often not so straight forward questions !

Philip, Baltonsborough
Thank you very much for the copy of the Will and your detailed information. I have been most grateful all the time by your amazingly prompt efficiency and the truly helpful advice – I’ve not had that quality of attention before! I shall recommend unreservedly you to any one I find is thinking of making or changing a will. I’ve enjoyed our correspondence and, indeed shall miss it! Do I owe you any more than the basic cheque I sent – you have been so helpful and generous with your time and knowledge.

Rita, Stratford Upon Avon
Thank you Judith, because, with your efficiency, consideration and kindness, during what must be one of the most difficult and traumatic experiences of anyone’s life, you have given me huge support, guided and eased me through the pitfalls of Probate, and saved me from becoming a total emotional wreck.
Once again thank you a million times for all your sympathetic and patient help getting me through what is one of the most ghastly times of anyone’s life. I won’t say you made it exactly painless, that would be impossible, but certainly you were totally instrumental in easing my panics and many fears.

Ann, West Pennard
Purely Probate were wonderfully thoughtful, efficient and professional in their dealing with the preparation of my Will. Thank you for so clearly explaining all the relevant points to me.

Elizabeth, Bath

Judith has provided a wonderful service in difficult times. She gave sound advice on some tricky details and was admirably efficient. I was dreading probate but with Judith’s help it went very smoothly.

Lucy, Kew London
We would like to thank you for all of the hard work that you have put into sorting Dad’s estate, we all very much appreciate it. I will certainly be recommending you wherever I can

Lucinda, Keinton Mandeville