Peter Derbyshire(CFO)

Peter Derbyshire As a chartered accountant I am an unusual in that I have worked in different sectors, notably the private sector, local government and further education. For the last 15 years or so I ran my own consultancy business supporting organisations in the public sector.

As a consultant I got huge satisfaction from coaching leaders and helping them develop their skills and self-awareness as well as helping their organisations move forward.

When my wife Judith started Purely Probate I offered to help. My accountancy experience and training make it natural for me to take responsibility for accounting systems, ensuring the accounting records are accurate and up to date. We hold significant amounts of clients’ money. This is (quite rightly) heavily regulated by the Law Society, and I make sure all monies we handle are treated correctly.

Through my consultancy work I developed a huge interest in what makes an organisation healthy and vibrant. Naturally enough I really enjoy helping Judith plan and develop the business.

Peter Derbyshire
T: 01458 850 146