Probate Shared Service

How to reduce cost using our Shared Service

We are probate lawyers so unsurprisingly we recommend people to use solicitors rather than to do their own probate.DIY Probate

Probate is one of those areas like DIY Will writing where you won’t necessarily know what has been done wrong until it is too late to put it right.

A good example is where the Will creates a trust. When the person who’s Will it was dies it must not be ignored. It must either be set up or disbanded, but not left hanging. There will be tax penalties if you get it wrong, and there may be problems selling the asset at a later date.

If you wish you can save solicitor’s fees by doing some of the probate work yourself. If you are comfortable with paperwork you can take on some of the leg work. But beware: obtaining probate involves form filling and great attention to detail, and patience dealing with the various authorities and assets holders.

If you are happy to deal with valuation of the assets, transfer of assets to the executors then disposal, we can help with the more technical aspects of getting probate. This is what we call our Shared Service.

You will obtain valuations for all the assets and liabilities; provide us with the information and we will complete the tax forms and executor’s oath. We will be available to answer technical questions and give tax advice. We will submit the probate paperwork on your behalf, so you do not have to attend an interview at the probate registry and will pay a slightly lower probate court fee (£155 vs £215).

Once probate is granted we will hand it back to you to gather in the assets and pay the beneficiaries, but we will still be on hand to offer help and advice, including if HMRC decide to question your tax returns.

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