Isle of Man Grant of Probate

Isle of Man Grant of Probate

The Isle of Man is NOT part of the United Kingdom, nor Great Britain but it IS part of the British Isles.

We have recently assisted a client whose husband held investments in the Isle of Man.

An Isle of Man Grant of Probate was needed to encash the investments. Fortunately, the staff working at the Isle of Man Courts of Justice were able to carry on working from home throughout the COVID -19 pandemic and we communicated with them quickly and effectively by email and a Grant of Probate was issued within a couple of weeks.

On the Isle of Man, Grants are sent directly from the Court of Justice to the relevant financial institution. As we were communicating directly with the financial institution on a regular basis, we were told that in this instance the Grant of Probate had not yet been received by them.

We again contacted the Isle of man Court of Justice who were very helpful and emailed a copy of the Grant of Probate to the financial institution, who immediately encashed the assets. A successful outcome during a difficult period of time.

Our client said:  Thank you for your persistence and professional friendly service.