International Probate – Pakistan

Probate in England for clients in Pakistan

In this case our client’s father had lived in the UK, though by the time he died he had returned to Pakistan. He did not leave a Will. He had a bank account in the UK with a modest amount in it. Our client lived in the USA.

We were able to get UK probate.  Our client’s Pakistani attorney gave an affidavit that the estate was distributed in accordance with local law and we prepared the necessary oath which our client was able to swear in the United States.  He did not have to come to Britain.  We became indirectly involved with the potential distribution in accordance with Sharia Law.

We were able to ensure that the UK tax authorities were satisfied no tax was payable and we released the proceeds of the bank account to our client.

Because our fees were modest the beneficiaries received the bulk of the amount in the account.

Our client said:  Thank you again for your very professional and friendly service.