International Probate – New Zealand

Probate in England for clients in New Zealand

The deceased lady had emigrated to New Zealand many years ago, but had a substantial investment portfolio in Britain.  Her son (who lives in Australia) and son in law (from New Zealand) were her executors, and they instructed us to get probate in the United Kingdom, sell the investments and transfer the proceeds to the beneficiaries, who were spread between the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Because New Zealand is part of the Commonwealth the legal process of getting United Kingdom probate is relatively straight forward.  The New Zealand probate is “resealed”.  The legal costs reflect this.

We obtained UK Probate and were then able to sell the shares using our broker.  The fees were several thousand pounds less than if we had used the Company Registrars, who claim to offer competitive fees.  Whilst the registrars are quite competitive for small shareholdings, for larger ones it is usually better to use a broker.

We can also save a considerable amount by transferring any UK sterling currency into local currency using the excellent exchange rate we have negotiated with World First rather than using a clearing bank.  In most cases the saving will be considerably more that our fees.


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