International Probate – Japan

Probate in England for clients in Japan

In this case the client’s father died over 10 years ago.  He had shares in a British Company which were not worth very much at the time of death but had increased in value dramatically.  The family decided it was time to grasp the nettle and get probate, so the shares could be transferred.

It took the client some time to find us.  They had contacted other British lawyers but none were able to complete the job.

Our client’s daughter, who lived in the US and spoke excellent English was our contact point.  She helped us to obtain the Japanese documents we needed to get British probate.  It took a little time in this case, partly because she is very busy and travelled a great deal for her job.  However we got there in the end and the shares were transferred to her father.  It is now up to him to decide when and if he sells them.

Masako said: Thank you very much for your professional and personal support on this long journey since August last.


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