International Probate – Ireland

Probate in England for clients in Ireland

UK probate for Irish national

If someone from the Republic of Ireland had assets in the UK, it may be necessary to get UK Probate when they die. For example they may have shares in a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, or have money in a UK bank.

The individual’s executors will have to get a grant of probate in the Republic of Ireland, which is used as the basis of getting probate in the UK.  The lawyer in the UK will need the following documents:

  1. Copy of the Death Certificate
  2. Court sealed copy of the Irish Grant of Probate with the Will attached

The UK solicitor will then prepare the paperwork which includes various forms required by HM Revenue & Customs, and an oath to be sworn by the executors in Ireland.  They do not have to come to the UK.

By special dispensation the Irish solicitor does not need to swear an affidavit that Irish law has been complied with. This is needed for most non – UK and non-commonwealth countries.

The UK solicitor submits the forms, together with a court sealed copy of the Irish Probate and Will to HM Customs & Revenue and to the probate registry in the UK to get UK probate.  Once they have UK probate the asset can be transferred to the executors, and sold or transferred to the beneficiaries.

If you are an Irish solicitor with clients who need to obtain UK probate please get in touch; we will let you have a competitive quote for obtaining UK probate on your behalf.

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