International Probate – France

Probate in England for clients in France

Our client’s brother had once worked within the Pearson Group of companies.  He was French.

When he worked at Pearson he acquired shares in the Company.  The number was too high to sell without obtaining British probate.  We were instructed to obtain British Probate then sell the shares.

We had to find a French notaire who was willing to swear an affidavit relating to the payment of French inheritance tax, and confirming who the deceased man’s heirs were under French law. Luckily the notaire who dealt with winding up the estate in France was willing to do this.

We were able to save the beneficiaries a significant amount of money by:

  • Transferring the British pounds to the beneficiaries’ euro account using favourable exchange rates we have negotiated with World First.  As a result the beneficiaries received over €3,000 more than they would have done it we had transferred the money using a normal high street bank.
  • Selling the shares via a broker with whom we have negotiated excellent terms – saving £900 compared to the fee of 1.75% if we had sold using the service offered by the Registrars.
  • Completing the work for a reasonable fee which was considerably less than the savings we were able to make.

Our client said: Thank you again for your help. I recommended you to my notaries.

Etienne, France








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