One good reason for making a Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare

A friend’s mother is in a nursing home, suffering from dementia.  The home said that they could not put protective rails round her bed, to stop her falling out.  The reason they gave was that it restricted her liberty.

Fortunately, my friend had a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare, so they agreed to take his instructions and put up the protective rails.

In another case:

The client’s mother has dementia.  This does not stop her having problems with her teeth.

She has gone to the same firm of dentists for a number of years, but they have now told us that they will not treat her unless they get instructions from one of her attorneys, and they need to see the registered health and welfare Lasting Power of Attorney.

Fortunately, she made one.

If anyone has doubts about whether or not to make Lasting Powers of Attorney, consider how it would feel to have untreated toothache.

If your mother has lost mental capacity she would not be able to make the Lasting Powers of Attorney now; we would have to go down the lengthy and costly process of getting a deputyship order.

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