Digital Legacy

In 2015 we wrote about Facebook Legacy Contact which enables a friend or relative to access your Facebook account after you die. In 2017 planning for your digital assets is more important than ever.

What are digital assets?

Digital assets include all your online accounts, from your electricity bill to your social media account to your online music collection.

Why are digital assets important?

They may have financial or sentimental value to you or your family.

What should I do?

To allow your executors and loved ones to access your accounts you should make a list of these accounts and what you would like done with them. However, you should make sure this list is secure so you don’t fall victim to identity theft!

STEP have released a short public guide to help you plan your digital assets.

Purely Probate also have a short booklet called After I have Gone that has room for your to store digital information. Order one here

For more information or to plan for your digital afterlife, please give us a call on 01458 850146