Did you know? You don’t have to instruct the solicitor who has the Will to get probate.

When someone dies it is normally necessary to get probate. Without probate the person’s assets are frozen and can’t be distributed to their beneficiaries.

If the person made a Will it is often held by the firm of solicitors which prepared it in the first place. The next of kin often think they have to use the same firm to get probate. Or they may feel they cannot be bothered to get a second quote – they are normally exhausted, physically and emotionally at the time they instruct a solicitor. They feel they don’t have the energy to instruct someone new.

However, it really is simple to swap. It is much easier than changing energy supplier and also more important. The costs and service can vary enormously. The next of kin must be confident that they are instructing an expert, and the fees are sensible. Interview a few solicitors over the phone, it won’t take long and could make a big difference. If nothing else you will learn a lot. Take it from me, as one who experienced bad service, it is immensely frustrating if you end up instructing a solicitor who is overworked, over stressed or even just inefficient.