Obtaining Foreign Probate

Our top tips for making the process of obtaining Foreign Probate easy

We enjoy the novelty of applying for Probate on behalf of individual’s who die domiciled abroad but with assets in the UK; it’s great dealing with people living in far-flung places, but there is no denying that the paperwork for applying for probate for someone who lived outside the UK is now a little more complicated.

So what can be done to ensure matters move smoothly, and we can get your UK Grant as soon as possible?

  1. Please ensure that any official document from place of domicile is properly translated by a certified translator, especially the death certificate and any Grant issued by the Courts in the home country.
  2. These need to be put in the post to us asap, together with original ID for you. These are the documents where a scanned copy just won’t do. For much of the rest of the process we can deal by email, which certainly saves time.
  3. Provide contact details for any lawyer dealing with the ‘home’ affairs of the estate; we can value assets in the UK but we also need to value the assets the deceased owned in the place where they lived when they died. Usually, liaising with the foreign lawyer is the easiest way to get this done.
  4. Find a UK lawyer or Notary near to you who will be able to help you ‘swear’ the necessary Oath when the time comes.
  5. With estates with a foreign element many of the beneficiaries will live abroad. We need information about them before we can deal with them or release money to them; the more we know about the beneficiaries at the outset, the better.
  6. We can’t advise on foreign tax, so you may need to instruct a tax specialist in the home country. You should also bear in mind that even if a person didn’t live in the UK, there may still be UK inheritance tax to pay. We can advise you about this.
  7. Some jurisdictions get ‘special’ treatment from the UK Probate Registry, others do not. We will always have to ask you some facts about the deceased and their history; no two cases are the same and we like to start the process with a thorough chat with you.

Please call any time if you need more information. We are always happy to arrange a Skype chat.

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