Day in the life of a Somerset Probate lawyer

There are some of us at Purely Probate who have been private client lawyers for longer than we care to remember, but our lovely office in a former cow shed, next to an orchard for lunchtime walks is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Our peaceful environment helps us with our work; we might get interrupted from our Will writing by cows and tractors going past, or by the occasionally frog trying to get into the office, but those are much more pleasant distractions that blaring sirens or hooting traffic horns. That said, we did have to put our pens down for a while when a bird flew into our office window!

We offer home visits and enjoy a trip out along the country lanes (although not so much when the Glastonbury festival traffic starts to arrive)

When we help families obtain Probate for a loved one who has passed away it is important that our office is a welcoming and pleasant environment.

Sometimes the strong ‘rural smells’ wafting in from the farms nearby do somewhat overpower the usual office smell of good coffee and printer ink, but we don’t mind too much about that.