Value Statement

Solicitors with Heart Serving Clients we Value

  • We actually care about our clients, and take enormous pride in giving them a superb service and experience.
  • Our purpose is to serve our clients, whom we do value. Sadly, this is not true of all solicitors.
  • We specialise in a few niche areas and only take on matters if we have appropriate skills and expertise.
  • We behave with integrity. For example, when we make a mistake (it will happen) we will own up, and do what we can to put the mistake right, at our expense.
  • We like to talk to our clients.
  • We face up to difficult decisions – where possible we will make decisions as a business and encourage our clients to do the same. We don’t prevaricate.
  • We don’t like waste of any sort – that means we are efficient and organised, and we tend to be frugal with resources. For example, our written communications will generally be electronic unless our clients prefer letters.
  • We stop work for lunch, and we talk to each other.